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When it comes to the development and production of custom-made inductive components, NEOSID is the right company for the job. We call this expertise in components.

In our ferrite production process, we not only use presses to create conventional forms: we also employ an injection-moulding method. This enables us to achieve geometries in ferrite which are normally only possible in thermoplastic components.

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Ferrite components

NEOSID offers a variety of nickel-zinc (Ni-Zn) and manganese-zinc (Mn-Zn) ferrites. These are employed in a huge range of contexts, including in switch-mode power supplies, data transmission, telecommunications, measuring instruments, interference suppression, antennae technology, inductive sensors, medical technology, green energy, the automotive industry and RFID – to name but a few.

The uses for ferromagnets are hugely diverse, the frequency range wide, and the requirements varied. This means that both the materials and core and coil formers must be specially-tailored to suit their particular purpose. We work with a variety of core materials, the most important characteristics of which are summarised in our catalogue.



Drawing on years of experience in the field of inductive components, we currently offer a wide range of fixed inductors in a variety of designs: radial taped chokes, including shielded versions, with a narrow tolerance as resonant circuit inductors, storage and filter chokes, non-linear chokes and coils for surface-mounting.

Our chokes are employed in all fields of telecommunication, professional broadcasting technology, medical technology and video technology, as well as in electronic data-processing facilities. They are particularly well-suited to interference suppression in electrical machinery, household appliances, collector motors and electrical contacts. In high and low-frequency circuits, along with the system decoupling of oscillator and amplifier stages, they allow for the filtering and equalisation of rectifier circuits. A selection of different ferrite materials also makes it possible to employ many models as high-quality coils for resonant circuits or other tuning devices.


Filters / coil kits / plastic components

A variety of frequency-selecting components, consisting of single or coupled resonant circuits, are used in telecommunications and electronics. In addition, coils with tapping or several windings, and which do not need to be equilibrateable, are often required - for example as transformers, or for impedance-matching before and after amplifier stages. We produce conventional and surface-mounted adjustable bandpass filters from helix circles in the frequency range 300 MHz – 2.5 GHz, as well as filter coils and kits for the construction of filters from 1 kHz to 200 MHz.


SMD coils / RFID transponder coils / broadband and RF-transformers

We supply a wide variety of SMD induction components, from filters and coils to various types of fixed inductors, including in the GHz range.

NEOSID also offers a new generation of RFID-TAGs with a wide reading range and an extremely compact design. A sophisticated ferrite core enables optimised readings in a metallic environment. The compact NeoTAG® components are therefore well-suited to tasks in which an especially-small transponder with a wide reading range is necessary.