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New soft magnetic composite materials for EMC, inductors and sensors with high interference immunity.

Product Information

Ferrite cores with metalized surface

Pot cores and mushroom cores with metallization.

RF components for DOCSIS®3.1

New generation of SMD directional coupler and two-way power combiner for the new DOCSIS®3.1 standard and further
RF applications up to 1,5GHz and 2.4 GHz.

Directional coupler 2,4 GHz
Two-way power combiner 1,5 GHz
Two-way power combiner 2,4 GHz

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RFID bringt die Intelligenz

NeoTAG®: Compact design – maximum range

NEOSID has, for some time, been producing NeoTAG®: an incredibly small RFID-HF transponder with a remarkably wide reading range, even in metallic environments. Also available with press fit case for quick and easy assembly.

More about the NeoTAG® New: with larger data memory and extensive security.

NeoTAG® RFID Guide (PowerPoint-Document)

NeoTAG® minimal Size - maximum Range

Dissertation about possibilities of applications and performance of the TAG.

Our partner for system solutions: 

LF, HF and UHF TAG's, also available with press fit case for quick and easy assembly.

RFID binder





RFID transponder coils for LF and HF applications.

Product info Transponder Antennas (PDF-File)

HAC antennas for hearing aids applications

New hight of 1.5mm available!
Product info HAC Antennas (PDF-Datei)

Directional coupler SMD for high power

Directional coupler   20dB for 25W and 7dB for 5W

Compact, vibration-proof, heat-resistant

NEOSID SMD – Inductors Ms50T, Ms85T, and Ms95T convince through innovation and performance.

With its component series Ms50T, Ms85T and Ms95T, NEOSID SMD offers inductors that are manufactured from one piece.

The ferrite coil body and the base plate with the terminals are made out of a single piece. In the soldering process, the coil wires are directly contacted with the PCB.

This design guarantees the highest temperature and vibration resistance under "heavy duty" conditions.

The power inductors are resistant up to 150°C and qualified according to AEC-Q200.
Ms50T, Ms85T, and Ms95T inductors feature a compact design, a high current-carrying capacity, and a low DC resistance.

NEOSID’s SMD inductors have a range of uses including in interference suppression, AC/DC and DC/DC transducers, decoupling in RF and IF-circuits and in automobile security systems.